Abuk's Herd

How can people survive economically in a war-ravaged land? Canadian Aid for South Sudan has a program that addresses this issue. "Abuk's Herd" gives people a reason for hope as they return to their villages.

Named after Abuk, a young former child slave, the program gives goats and chickens to individuals returning to their villages with no means of support. Goats multiply quickly, doubling in number every year, so the program can support a sustainable economy. Local officials will monitor and safeguard the herds, insuring proper maintenance and accountability.

In south Sudan, a goat costs $60 -- out of reach for people returning home. The program will provide families in need with two or three goats, enough to help them start their own herd within two years.

Abuk's Herd was launched in January 2004.


This initiative has been warmly received by local villagers. Excitement is high as the project gets underway. A simple gift of $120 can help a returning family make a fresh start with their new-found freedom.

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