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Twic County

Additional information on the county of Twic in southern Sudan.

The following maps show the county of Twic, which is one of the areas that Canadian Aid for Southern Sudan did alot of work in through the 1990s and early 2000's. CASS is currently very active in the county of Aweil East, which is in the neighbouring state. You can click on the maps to view a larger version. The second map shows the location of Twic within the state of Warrab.

Twic County - click to see larger version Twic County in Sudan

During the 1990's the county of Twic was the location in which CASS worked to help free 10,400 slaves. Also during this time CASS began it's program of school-building, with 6 schools eventually being built in Twic. The county is divided into 6 administrative districts, called Payams, and one school was built in each Payam.

Another program that CASS has been involved with is helping to establish the YMCA/YWCA in southern Sudan. The first YMCA was established in Twic in the community of Mayen Abun in 2003.


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