A Canadian Presence in South Sudan

Canadian Aid for South Sudan (CASS) is working to help the people of South Sudan rebuild their lives and communities after decades of brutal war. CASS is engaged in projects to accomplish this and has met with the Prime Minister to discuss Canada's role.

Newsletters and Pamphlets:

This Web site will let you see how Canadians can tackle problems such as clean water, support for refugees and returnees, and the desperate need for schooling that exist in South Sudan.


  • Build schools
  • Rehabilitate former child soldiers
  • Promote full gender equality and opportunity
  • Support refugees and returnees
  • Promote health, sanitation and clean water

celebrating peace in Sudan
As former child soldiers build bricks for the Canada School, Canadian Aid for South Sudan enters a new era.
Even as South Sudan begins a new chapter in history following it's independence day on July 9, 2011, the challenges faced by it's people are immense. CASS was present at the signing of the peace agreement in January, 2005, and again as international observers during the historic vote for independence in January, 2011. CASS is now prepared to fulfill its mandate in the independent Republic of South Sudan.  The opportunity for Canadians to make a difference is now.