DAVID ABRAMSKY is a professional musician living in Guelph, Ontario. David has many compositions to his credit, some of which are available on tape and CDs. For many years he played keyboard and cello in the group, KYN - a popular eclectic group of performers. In "Songs for Mending the World" David contributed the music for the title song, "To Mend the World" and "The Village", in addition to the arrangement for "Peace for the Children." The music for "Bones Alive" is an original composition for the text.

JEEVA SAM is a United Church minister in St. Catherines, Ontario. He was one of a small group who initiated The Whole People of God curriculum in the 1980s. Many of his compositions are included in Voices United,the hymn book of the United Church of Canada,and Spirit Anew - Singing Prayer and Praise. Jeeva often works in collaboration with composer/arranger, DAVID KAI, a minister of the United Church in Pickering Village/Audley Pastoral Charge in Ajax, Ontario. David's talents extend to choral music, available through his KAIROS INSPIRATIONS. One of their most successful and popular creations, with Doreen's text, is We Are One. Others include Greening Hope and "From This Time On", written to take both women and men beyond the Ecumenical Decade of Churches in Solidarity with Women in Church and Society. David also has some of his compositions included in Voices United and Spirit Anew - Singing Prayer and praise.

SUE SWANSON composed the music for "Distant Sisters" and arranged "We meet together for Peace." Sue lives in St. Paul, Minnesota and has been an active in the ReImagining Community since its inception.

FLO OLSON is a retired/unretired church organist in the United Church of Canada in Winnipeg. Flo has many compositions to her credit. Her love of music has made her many friends over the years. She continues to inspire others with her enthusiasm and humor. Flo wrote the music for When a Muslim says Shalom and Jew replies Salaam and The Journey to Damascus.

MARGARET WILSON is a former teacher and organist in United Church of Canada congregations. She lives in Winipeg. Margaret wrote the music for God, We Pray for Understanding, If Jesus were a Leper and many others. Margaret's talent exhibits a diversity which extends from the gentleness of "Many Paths" to a country style directness.

All the lyrics are by DOREEN LANKSHEAR-SMITH is currently minister at Knox Pruden United Church in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Doreen's work has been published in the United Church of Canada's VOICES UNITED, in many issues of the worship resource, GATHERING and in Wood Lake Books' Spirit Anew - Singing Prayer & Praise. Doreen is active in the United Church of Canada, Kairos: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives and Inter-Faith groups.

WILLIAM (BILL) SMITH contributed the art work for "Songs for Mending the World," "Bones Alive" and "Greening Hope" Originally from Australia, Bill is a retired teacher, living in Thunder Bay, Ontario.