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Small Magics Cover

Thomas expected a scolding when he came home threadbare and carrying a rapier from the Royal Academy. 

He didn't expect his father to throw him out of the house, or to meet a juggler who could create a ball of light from the air, or to learn that something in Bishop Malloy's voice made others do his bidding.

And he certainly wasn't expecting to be the only one who noticed it all.

Suddenly, Thomas is thrust into a nightmare of betrayal and murder, where a power he does not understand threatens all he has, and learning to master a power he did not know existed may be the only way he can survive.

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"Small Magics is beguiling entertainment. Character motivations are understandable and compelling, whether they agree, conflict, or are in deadly combat... This is a good read."

—Jeanette Cottrell, author of The Shadebinder's Oath and At Risk of Being a Fool Read the full review

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Cold Magics Working Cover When Henry — youngest son of the Duke of Frostmire and Thomas's roommate — is called home to fight raiders, Thomas expects to have a quiet year at the Royal Academy.

Instead, Eileen arrives at his doorstep, having run away to come to the Academy, and Henry returns telling stories of an enemy that uses magic. Even as Thomas agrees to help, new threats rise around them, driving them from the city to face an unknown enemy in the north.

And the Church of the High Father has not forgiven them either.

The sequel to Small Magics, look for Cold Magics in the near future!

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The King Below Working Cover

Jack Mitchell had a degree in English, a minor in Archeology, and was very good at kung fu. When his friend Maureen asked him to help dig up a medieval village, he didn't know that more than just ruins were beneath the soil.

Eight hundred years before, a young priest named Stephen was sent to serve as deacon in the village of Cairnsreach, only to find that the priest had died a month earlier under mysterious circumstances.

Eight hundred years apart, two young men find themselves searching for answers to the same mystery. The King Below is going to rise, and only they can stop him.

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I don't write a lot of short stories. I prefer the longer form. But I do have a weakness for Christmas ghost stories (opens as .pdf):

A Visit From Cousin Charles

Robert's Revenge

Richard's Return

Let Me Tell You About Friday


I love the theatre, but don't get to write for it very often. I've been working on adapting a 19th century novel for the stage for the past couple of years, but I haven't had the time to complete it. Still, I'll keep you posted.

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