Past Programs


This page is retained for archive purposes to document some of FODE's past programs.

Another Yard for the Don

Another Yard for the Don."Yards" consists of:

  • A library of information to help people minimize the impact of their landscaping choices upon the Don River
  • Links to sister organizations that can help, and
  • A Natural Yards Pledge that you can sign and return to FODE.

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Trees Count

The benefits of trees go up exponentially as their size and total leaf area increases.

With over 80% of the Don watershed developed, the largest living element of the natural environment on tableland is the urban forest.

In 2002, with extensive support from the Toronto Atmospheric Fund, FODE conducted a pilot study on the urban forest, inventorying the species composition and health of the urban canopy in four neighbourhoods.

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During 2004 FODE will be developing strategies to further protect and expand the urban canopy. In the meantime, we recommend that members and others contact LEAF, to purchase native trees to expand backyard forest.

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