FODE's Taylor Massey Project



Taylor Massey Creek, a significantly degraded watercourse running through the western edge of Scarborough and the heart of East York, is one of the priorities under the City's 25-year, $1B Wet Weather Flow Master Plan, with an estimated $60-100M to be spent along the Creek 2008-2012.

FODE's Taylor Massey Project - the TMP - seeks both to articulate a strategic framework for the regeneration of the Creek and to engage the local community in its regeneration.


FODE will deliver the Project by:

  • Maintaining the information on this website

  • Working with government agencies to effect meaningful watershed improvements

  • Distributing FODE information to selected neighbourhoods backing onto the Creek

  • Coordinating public programs throughout the watercourse, and

  • Seeking to establish or align with existing community organizations as "Reach Stewardship Groups": groups of local residents who want to be involved in the protection and regeneration of the watershed.

Donors and Volunteers

FODE gratefully acknowledges the donors to and volunteers for this Project:

First Base Solutions Inc
who provided 144 orthophotos which were used as the basis
of the location maps and aerial images for this project;

ESRI Canada
who provided Arcview software, used to generate the location maps and images;

who provided the electronic copy of the boundary used to define of the watershed, and

FODE's Own TMP Volunteer Team

Consisting of Betty Blashill, Cara Hudson, Christine Jamieson, Rebecca Ma, James McArthur, and Andrew McCammon, the Project Co-odinator

The Project Portal
with Access to:
  • Detailed Project Information
  • 13 Reach Fact Sheets and,
  • 65 Creek images
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