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Drive Systems


It is VITAL that differently abled riders use their bikes OFTEN to get the EXERCISE they NEED. It follows that riding should be fun and as rewarding as possible. Choosing a DRIVE SYSTEM that is best suited and upgradeable is therefore very ESSENTIAL.

BASE (FREEWHEEL) DRIVE: (no additional cost)

The freewheel model allows the rider to coast when not pedaling. Many riders cannot operate this drive system because the tricycle's inertia does not transfer to the pedals. Because of this many people with cerebral palsey or other neuromuscular problems cannot ride such a drive system. Without practicing on the variable teaching drive, they will also not be able to handle the multi-speed drives. As well, this system has only the front wheel brake. The operation of this drive is like freewheel systems on derailleur and coaster braked bikes.

SOLID DRIVE SYSTEM: (no additional cost)

The solid drive system feeds the inertia of the rider and bike to the operator's legs so that continuous pedaling motion must be completed. By pulling or pushing the tricycle, patterning can be developed for the operator who has difficulty learning to pedal. This drive system stops the tricycle when the operator stops pedaling. As well, the tricycle can be backed up by reverse pedaling.


This drive is able to convert to a SOLID DRIVE or to a FREEWHEEL action as described above. More importantly, the drive system can adjust (Adjusting screws can be seen in the photo) in between these two extremes so the operator gets just as much HELP as needed, to keep pedaling SMOOTHLY FORWARD or BACKWARDS. In this way riders can LEARN HOW TO RIDE FREEWHEEL. The drive system trains the rider! Once freewheeling is learned, the rider will be able to convert the tricycle to multi-speed (see multi-speed descriptions) since bosses to add multi-speed hubs are on all our recumbent tricycles. Riding then becomes even more enjoyable as riders gain strength to keep up with friends and family while managing inclines only negotiable with gears. As well, a rear wheel coaster brake is included in multi-speed hubs



3-speed Internal hub: $190.67 These drives include foot operated coaster braking
7-speed Internal hub: $398.00

In order to be successful with these drives, the rider must first be able to ride freewheel-see training drive system.

All multi-speed models incorporate the ability to coast (FREEWHEEL). As well, by back pedaling, braking is applied to the rear wheel. This is how the tricycle has a dual braking system (front and rear)

The 3-speed unit provides for a 180% variation in speed/power
The 7-speed model produces a 285% speed/power variation

Speed/power variations in these internal hub shifters provide many advantages over derailleur systems. Although they are more expensive, they also are more reliable, have clearly separated shifts in one lever with no speed overlaps, can be changed while riding or at a standstill, and have an integral braking system!





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