Freedom in mobility and healthful Exercise.
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Electric Assist Freedex


For people who want to go further or who encounter especially difficult hills. Also, this drive may be needed to help weakened muscles as a result of strokes, disuse, or other medical conditions. Even passive exercise is available while traveling and having fun. This is an introduction to a more active lifestyle. One of our clients who has MS, could no longer walk her dog, given the serious hill between the bike path and her home. Now with her electric assist 7-speed Freedex, the dog and she are happy and appropriately exercised.

Another client who is an accident survivor and who has no control of his legs, is “riding” our junior electric trike for passive exercise and fun transportation. His Mom wants him to be ready by maintaining his muscle tone and flexibility when a cure is found.

*Range estimate: 10 miles with no pedalling- 40 miles with 25% electric assist usage. Depends on occupant weight and terrain

Brushless Hub motor

    Side view of the Electric Assist Senior Freedex


Please Note:

The electric assist can be a part of any other drive system, since it operates on the front wheel. Other drives operate the rear wheel. The electric assist option comes complete with controller, batteries, brakes, regenerative braking, and speedometer.



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