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Junior Freedex


Key Features:

EASY ENTRY OPEN FRAME CONCEPT - No chain, sprocket or frame to step over. As simple as sitting in a chair thus offering INDEPENDENCE. No Caregiver lifting required!!

WIDE-RANGE SEAT ADJUSTMENT to fit children to adults is available at the touch of a lever. This allows the tricycle to grow with the rider and to demand varying amounts of flexibility by moving the seat back or forward.

LOCKING DRUM BRAKE on the front wheel provides STABILTY while transferring. Also, it is serves as a parking brake when not on the tricycle.

Back support is provided by the chair-type seat.  A seat belt is available if required. Four bolts allow you to attach your own choice of seat if appropriate.

STEERING TILLER may be rotated up, down or forward for comfort and training a rider. In its forward position it functions as a "wagon" handle. In this position and with the caregiver pulling the tricycle, care MUST be taken to ensure the rider keeps the hands free of the chain, sprocket, wheel, or any other moving part. Once the learning process has been successful, the rider should always keep the hands on the steering tiller as warned in “operating instructions”

Pneumatic tires provide a smooth ride and allow the bike to pass irregularities with relative ease. For institutional or smooth surface riding, solid tires may be fitted.  This avoids flats and monitoring pressure.

Large carrier is included for those trips through the supermarket aisles. It’s a shopping cart! Our riders shop with our tricycle and no one has ever been anything but helpful.
STABILITY - Low centre of gravity for SAFETY, stability, confidence, and speed.
WHEELING -Rear wheels are within easy reach for an extra push or reverse when needed.      
Small turning radius makes maneuvering in tight locations very easy      
27.5-inch width allows the bike to pass through doorways. The junior unit is narrower yet.
COMPACT STORAGE - Bike vertically supports itself  for storage.  Footprint is only  30" square-less for the junior Freedex.      
TRANSPORT- Seat and basket are lever removable. Can ride in hatchbacks, wagons and vans. Some cars accept the junior on the back seat. Most bike racks can accommodate our bikes.


Please Note:

Choice Of Drive Systems -It is vital that exercise be fun and functional. You can choose from a variety of drive systems from solid drive to teaching variable drive, to a 3 or 7-speed internal hub with coaster brake and  ELECTRIC ASSIST.

Please see our drives section  (click to follow link) for a full view of these exclusive features. All our tricycles are geared low unless otherwise specified for ease of pedaling.    

All features of the senior model are the same as the junior unit.



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