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Additional Components



These are available to keep feet on the pedals as required. The footplates are adjustable to accommodate growth and encourage calf muscle strengthening and response. They also avoid over stretching weak tendons and muscles. These foot plates feature toe clips and adjustable elastic heel straps that secure the foot from twisting or escaping.



We can accommodate plantarflexion and dorsiflection problems when footplate adjustment does not work. Riding without the need for splints may be attained. Please consult with your physiotherapist. Note: not available on all tricycle models.





Now available to eliminate knee lock, rub, or spread. Such conditions, which interfere with riding, are eliminated by maintaining the legs in a bio-mechanically efficient position while encouraging development of appropriate muscle groups. The hinged arms parallel the movement of the femur by rotating about a position in line with the hip joint. This system eliminates the rubbing inherent in pommel systems while controlling the outward positions which some low tone clients present. When not in use, the arms swing completely out of the way for easy entry/exit and for storage. When proper leg alignment has been learned, the controls are readily removed.




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