Freedom in mobility and healthful Exercise.

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Freedex History


Why, I am often asked, have I promoted the use of tricycles for handicapped people these past 18 years? My father was disabled by polio. As a retiree, I decided to help other people with special needs. I volunteered in the pools of Etobicoke, where I worked with handicapped people who had been disabled by a variety of afflictions. All these special needs people wanted to improve their mobility but I could work with only one handicapped person at a time.
To reach more people I decided to build tricycles as my uncle had done. He was handicapped by advancing years but could ride one of his tricycles into his 95th year even though too disabled for a walker. Tricycle conversions along with new designs, have enabled me to provide mobility, physiotherapy, and fun exercise to over 500 special needs people (not counting hundreds who ride at Variety Village, hospitals, and children centres). At many of these locations our tricycles are available for try-out. As well, many funding organizations have provided our tricycles for special needs riders. Additionally, school boards use our tricycles in their schools as fun physiotherapy for disabled students.

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