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Tricycle Conversion  (You Choose your bike)


Just bolt it on where your back wheel was, convert your chain to the proper length and you have your very own 3-wheeled stability. We provide the wheels complete with specially built aluminum hubs , rims (your choice of size), tires and tubes, triangulation stays, bolts and drive for the conversion. If you chose a variable drive, it will help train the rider so you can ride a multi-speed system if you can't to begin with. To get a more complete description of what a variable drive will do, please see the information on our regular drives information.

Multi-speed Derailleurs

If you have a multi-speed freewheel derailleur bike and can handle the pedaling, we will provide the correct hub for the conversion. If your multi-speed bike uses a cassette you will have to buy a freewheel system.

Choosing a Base Bike for Conversion

Make sure the bike you choose is comfortable in all respects and that the only problem you have is balance. If your bike can be ridden, except the training wheels are not working, then a conversion system may be what you need. Any size bike will work for the conversion, all that is needed is the front wheel size so that we can match it for the conversion. As well the drop-out (places where the wheel axel fits) should be nearly horizontal and open towards the rear of the bike. Accommodations can usually be made with other drop-out types but the horizontal ones work most easily. The spread of the rear forks should be about 136mm or        5 5/16 inches. You will need shims (or washers) if the bike you choose does not match these measurements. Forks can be compressed or expanded instead, if you like. A handlebar riser can be provided if needed.


Prices start at $496.87 complete with drive, system and tires, tubes and wheels.


Tricycle Conversions:

Are initially cheaper than our Junior/Senior Freedex models 

Are more "normal" in appearance (allows riders to choose the bike).

Are less adaptable in terms of speed and required operating power

Are less stable because of height and length

Often require caregiver lifting and supervision

Offer less independence (safety and entry consideration)

Can be fitted from child to adult bikes, Conversion elements remain the same (tires, spokes, tubes, and rims excepted).

Your conversion can be changed locally to fit larger bikes to accommodate growth.


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