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Featured Products


We offer multiple combinations of accessories and components to best suit the individual needs of our clients. Please see the additional components sections for details. It is often necessary for the customer to contact us directly so we can adequately assess individual needs.


Upright Special Needs Tricycle

Check out our new upright special needs tricycle!!!  (click for more)


Senior Freedex:

The original open frame, easy access, easy riding recumbent tricycle... (click for more)

Junior Freedex:

The junior version of the original open frame, easy access, easy riding recumbent tricycle...                  (click for more)

Electric Assist Freedex:

For people who want to go further or who encounter especially difficult hills. Also, this drive may be needed to help weakened muscles as a result of strokes, disuse, or other medical conditions...    (click for more)

Quad Cycle:

The two person version of the Senior Freedex model... (click for more)

Tricycle Conversion:

Just bolt it on where your back wheel was wheel was, convert your chain to the proper length and you have your very own 3-wheeled stability...   (click for more)

(Please note: Prices start at $776, conversions at $398 (NO TAX) and do not include the cost of any additional components or drive systems)


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