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As with our standard Freedex recumbents, this cycle can be built to accommodate the requirements of a special needs person. This includes all the different drive systems and devices discussed in the various sections. The 4 wheelers are individually pedaled but the steering is joined for control by one rider.

The quad-cycle you see here is fitted with a 7-speed coaster brake system on the controller side, geared low because this side of the vehicle may have to provide the bulk of the power requirements. As well the same side has control of both the front brakes. On the opposite side, there is a variable teaching drive to train the rider and this is geared high so it is not difficult to cause the crank to rotate thereby easily moving the pedals for the special needs person. You may also note that there is an adaptation to allow the tiller to be moved up/down, forward, or back. Additional clearance is also provided by this simple component.

Key Features:
- Individually pedaled - Steering is joined for control of one rider
- Caregiver break control if required - Adjustable steering tiller
- Separate Drive Systems - Maximum total capacity is 350 lbs


Please Note:

Choice Of Drive Systems -It is vital that exercise be fun and functional. You can choose from a variety of drive systems from solid drive to teaching variable drive, to a 3 or 7-speed internal hub with coaster brake and  ELECTRIC ASSIST.

Please see our drives section  (click to follow link) for a full view of these exclusive features. All our tricycles are geared low unless otherwise specified for ease of pedaling.    


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