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2006 Conference - français

African Stability: A Role for Canada?


Group of 78 Annual Policy Conference 2006


September 29 October 1, 2006
Econiche House: 32 River Road, Cantley, Quebec J8Y 3A1

Conference Chair: Gerald Ohlsen
Presentation of Conference Resolutions: Clyde Sanger
Conference Report Editor: TBA

Friday, 29 September

Saturday, 30 September

Sunday, 1 October

Friday, 29 September




Registration and Cash Bar

Dinner: Chair: Gerald Ohlsen
Welcome from G78 chair Peggy Mason


Keynote Speaker:


Ms. Carolyn McAskie. Head, United Nations Peacebuilding
Commission Support Office
Topic: Moving Forward on Peacebuilding: Lessons from Burundi

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Saturday, 30 September





Panel 1 - Human Security in a Fragile Place



Chair: Peggy Mason


Panel: Erin Simpson, (CCIC), Dr. Chris Penny (NPSIA), Alex Neve, (Amnesty Internationa). (To be confirmed)

Are there characteristics common to stable African states? What strategies work to maintain or to restore stability? Can Canada help? If so, what is the proper role for the Canadian military? How do we address the issues of children in armed conflict?





Panel 2 - Health and Prosperity in a Rough Neighborhood




Chair: Ross Francis


Panel: A. John Watson (CARE), Lucien Bradet (Canadian Council on Africa), Grace-Edward Galabuzi (Ryerson University). (To be confirmed)

How have external actors most successfully strengthened economic security, health and development? Can these strategies apply in extreme circumstances, where social deprivation threatens stability? How can trade help to build economic security? What are the implications of the Doha Round? How should the foreign direct investment climate in African countries be improved? What is the role for Canadian direct private investment? How should we address the issue of Canadian Corporate Social Responsibility in Africa?



Luncheon: Open discussion



Panel 3 - Creating the Peaceable Kindgom: Good Governance amid Chaos



Chair: Gerald Ohlsen


Panel: John Schram (NPSIA), Ousmane Deme (Partnership Africa-Canada), Wesley Cragg (Transparency International Canada). (To be confirmed)

Are there elements common to well-governed African states? Are they structural or can they be created? If so, how? Is there a continuing role for diplomatic intervention to press the issue of governance, as Canada and others did in the 1980's? Where has the human rights agenda gone? What will be the impact of the Africa Peer Review Mechanism? What African models of governance, both traditional and modern, can be drawn upon and how?





Concurrent discussion groups


Three discussion groups, one on each of the panel topics above. These will be moderated by the panel chairs and include the speakers as resource people for the discussion. The aim of these discussion groups is to develop recommendations on specific areas drawn from the key conference themes.






Cash Bar



Chair: Gerald Ohlsen


Guest Speaker: Ernie Regehr, or a member of the NPT Article VI Forum


Topic: Nuclear Risks in a Fragile World: Canada's Role in Implementing the Blix Commission WMD Report .

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Sunday, 1 October






Discussion group reports; presentation of resolutions


Chair: Clyde Sanger




G78 Annual General Meeting


Chair: Peggy Mason






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