The goal of this project is to produce a strategy that addresses the current needs of Toronto's creative economy, that promotes its future growth and that leverages these creative assets to enhance economic and social opportunity.

Credo for Creative Cities

Creativity owns imagination. And imagination is what builds our cities. Creativity commands the allegiance and love of the creative person as a way of being, living, thinking. The imagination that comes of that allegiance is powerful, self-renewing, and tireless in delight. It permeates all aspects of civic life. It is the only limitless resource.

To know this is to release an industry in perpetual motion. Allegiance to true creativity defines imagination against the myopia of market greed. For the ethos of creativity left unchecked, by its natural genius, instructs all witnesses to the shared project of wonder. This is what makes a city great, a society great and, yes, even productive.

Creativity must become a way of life. It is not a question of sustainability but of survival, and the beauty that inspires it. And the kinds of risks that true creativity demands are crucial to that end.

Pier Giorgio Di Cicco
Poet Laureate of Toronto