Our Goal: We are dedicated to minimizing material and energy consumption, maximizing reuse of used materials, and eliminating waste disposal.

Our Purpose: The Citizens' Network was formed in 1981 by five Ontario citizens groups who met to share information and experiences on waste management. These groups vowed to find ways to benefit more fully from each others' knowledge and to help groups who are just becoming involved in the waste management issue. The Network also works on educational projects and lobbying of governments to put in place legislation and regulations that will further our goals.

* Current Events *

The City of Toronto has rejected the Minister of Environment's $700,000 contribution to the Blue Box program, opting instead to proceed with a city-wide by-law to force LCBO retail outlets to implement a deposit-return system by Jan. 1, 1999.

The Ministry of Environment's new Blue Box funding plan, as detailed by Minister Norm Sterling at the 1998 Recycling Council of Ontario annual conference, October 7, 1998. Check back soon for our analysis of this proposal.

Correspondence between the CNWM and Minister David Tsubouchi of the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations regarding deposit-return on LCBO wine and spirit containers.

The Citizens' Network and the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) have joined forces in an effort to reduce the amount of litter along our roads and in the natural environment. Please lend us your support by checking out the CNWM/OFAH War on Litter, and by signing our petition.

New data shows that, through the passage of municipal council resolutions, 84% of Ontario's population supports a deposit-return system for beverage containers

Putting Used Materials Back to Work: A Strategy for the Long-Term, as presented by the Citizens' Network on Waste Management at the 20th Annual Canadian Waste Management Conference.

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