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Wed - July 14, 2004

Car Free Day 2004 Update (not good)

Dear All,

As you may have heard by now, at the urging of
Councillor David Socknacki , Chair of the Toronto
Atmospheric Fund (TAF), TAF has decided to not fund
CAR FREE DAY in Toronto this year. This is appalling,
to say the very least.

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Tue - July 13, 2004

Bike lane bike shop provides commuters with neighbourly service

Cycle Therapy opens its doors to Toronto's East-end community

East-end cycling commuters have a new resource to help keep them on the road.
On July 17, Cycle Therapy opens its doors alongside one of Toronto's newest bike lanes,
at the corner of Dundas Street East and Boston Avenue, just east of Carlaw.

An open, welcoming space that emphasizes service over sales, Cycle
Therapy focuses on the needs of the urban cyclist. The shop specializes
in repairs and will offer regular public workshops on basic bike maintenance.

"Our goal is to make cycling a more viable primary mode of transportation,
providing similar service standards as those available to motorists" says Tom������s
Berinstein, the store's founder. "You can get an oil change at 7:00
a.m. on a weekday, but good luck trying to get your flat tire patched."

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Cycle Right my ass, yes Sir!

Oh, you could just feel the love last night at the TCCC meeting. Not!
Sgt. Kealey was the good cop and Constable Burns just seethed and glared all night never cracking a smile nor saying one single word.
(Thanks to Steve Targett, Janice,Rick and Hamish for moral support among many others including
Tim from CBN and especially Craig Barnes and Martin Koob)

Here are some highlights:
Total tickets issued to cyclists:
691 (2002)
1939 (2003)
3597 (2004)

657 (2002)
789 (2003)
2046 (2004)

Top reasons for tickets 2004
Disobey stop sign 1111
Red Light - Fail to stop 591
No bell/horn 590
Improper lighting 367 (in the middle of the day!)

Cars parked in the bike lane charges
0 (2002)
252 (2003)
315 (2004)

Total drivers charged (no detailed breakdown provided)
19 (2002)
290 (2003)
4385 (2004) (really?)
(more stats available on Bike Lane Diary later today once it's been scanned)

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Mon - July 12, 2004

Sunday in the market

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Sun - July 11, 2004


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The Cyclist Wins! (The Globe and Mail, July 12)

Activists want Queen West bike lanes after cyclist who crashed
wins in court ---- By������JEFF GRAY Monday, July 12, 2004 - Page A8

When a cyclist gets "doored" -- struck by a parked car's opening door
-- who is to blame? The police will tell you it is almost always the motorist who didn't look.

But last week, in small-claims court, a deputy judge ruled in
favour of a doored cyclist who argued that the city was partly to blame
for failing to make the road safer for two-wheelers.

Bike activist Hannah Evans won $1,125 plus a portion of her
legal costs from the city, after she was thrown from her bike on Queen
Street West in a 2002 collision with a car door.

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Thu - July 1, 2004

Doored Cyclist Sues City of Toronto (by Nancy Smith Lea)

Does the City of Toronto have a duty to make sure cyclists can ride
safely on their streets? If a cyclist gets "doored" on a Toronto street
because there is not enough space between parked cars and the
street car lanes, can the City be required to fix the street?

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Wed - June 30, 2004


When you get all tired of the same old B.S. of riding on Toronto streets.
Go for the alley ...

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Tue - June 29, 2004

Rich people

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Mon - June 28, 2004

Invasion of the traffic cones (online game)

Click on this if you dare!

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Sun - June 27, 2004

Ride in the country

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Sat - June 26, 2004

CM goes Greek (by Darren Stehr)

Our po-lice escort was very small this month and for the most part
seemed to be a little green behind the ears. This did not stop us from
going to day to Pride Day celebrants nor for the first time visit Greektown.

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Fri - June 25, 2004

Parts Unknown

George is a special person in the Toronto Cycling community.
He is community.

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Thu - June 24, 2004

The guys across the street

They've been working on some bikes for months now.
Once in a while they'd come across the street for a coffee, grinning
sheepishly. Now I know why.

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Wed - June 23, 2004

Save Car Free Day!

Help Save Car Free Day

June 28th is your chance to save Car Free Day.
A strong showing of support is critical at the next
meeting of the Toronto Atmospheric Fund on June 28th
at 9:30am. Please bring friends and family!

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Tue - June 22, 2004

Can't See the Truth Through all the Forester - (by Michael Canzi)

A little story about what it is like to be a cyclist
in Victoria, BC.

A couple weeks ago, I read in the local paper that a
cyclist had been hit by car and was in hospital. The
newspaper article was short on details other than that
the victim was a 33-year-old male who had been riding
in the southbound lane of Vancouver Street when he
collided with a car in the northbound lane of
Vancouver that was making a left turn.

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Mon - June 21, 2004

Big Heads (by Michael Canzi)

Went on a ride last year where one of the marshalls
berated cyclists for riding in a crosswalk between two
section of an off-road trail.
"Are you cyclists or pedestrians?"

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Chances are ...

The people that complain about bicycles or put them down, are the ones ...

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Sun - June 20, 2004

Swervy Ride

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Sat - June 19, 2004

Best Photo Ever!

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