The items available for sale are as follows:

Limited pin replica of the Norman Bethune statue (in Gravenhurst, ON)    $10

video of the Monument Unveiling June 1995 at Queens Park, Toronto    $15
    (note: sold last one, more copies on order)

video of the 60th Anniversary/Homage to the International Brigades    $15
    trip to Spain by the Mac-Paps and families (shown on Canadian TV)

video of the Monument Unveiling October 2001 at Ottawa            $15
    Director/Cinematographer Luis Garcia on a volunteer basis
    except for material costs, between his regular work)

Bronze plated Medallion celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the         $100
    International Brigades by a well-known Cuban scupltor
    - limited numbers

Book by Mac-Pap William Beeching,                     $10
    “Canadian Volunteers in Spain  1936-1939”

If mailed, postage is extra.

Print out of the Farewell address of La Pasionara to the Brigades in Oct, 1938



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