To my Son in Spain
, Aku Paivio. The best known poem dedicated to one of the volunteers. Aku Paivio was a Finnish Canadian poet, writer and journalist. His son Jules travelled to Spain at the age of 18 and distinguished himself in the Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion, ending the war as a Captain. Returning to civilian life he became an architect and educator, and was responsible for the erection of two of the monuments to the Battalion in Canada - at the Ontario Legislature and in Ottawa.

I Dreamed in Spain a Beautiful Dream, by Lee Burke,  Mac-Pap Veteran

Red Moon, by Norman Bethune.  Bethune is the best known of the Canadians to serve in Spain. A doctor, he travelled there in 1936 to organize mobile transfusion units, an innovation at the time. He served during the seige of Mardrid, helped evacuate hundreds of civilians from Almeira as the city was overrun and continued on the front lines throughout the war.

A Nightingale’s Song, by Frank (Slim) Blackman, Mac-Pap Veteran. This poem was written March 1989 about the concentration camp at San  Pedro de Cardeña, Spain where he was a prisoner of war.


Farewell to the International Brigades in Spain
, Dolores Ibarruria. This most famous of Civil War Texts was delivered by Ibarruria, a deputy in the Republican government, known a La Passionaria, to the International Brigade as it was disbanded in 1938.

Honourable Adrienne Clarkson, Governor General of Canada:
unveiling of the monument to Canadian participation in the Spanish Civil War, October20, 2000.

Ukrainian Participation in the Spanish Civil War by Myron  xxxxxx, the opening address for an exhibition of drawings at the Schevchenko Museum, Toronto, March 19, 2004


The Centenary of Pablo de la Torriente Brau
by Moe Fishman, veteran of the  Abraham Lincoln Battalion. Pablo de la Torriente Brau was a Cuban volunteer who died in the Spanish Civil War.

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