Meduxnekeag River Association

River Flow Measurements

Current hydrometric data for the Meduxnekeag is available from two government measurement sites in Maine and one in New Brunswick.

Meduxnekeag below Houlton
For real-time data from Maine go to: Meduxnekeag River below Houlton

Meduxnekeag above S. Branch near Houlton

...or Meduxnekeag above S. Branch near Houlton

Both Maine sites are on the south branch of the river.

The hydrograph station at Bell Forest, looking upstream
Real-time data from the New Brunswick site, located at Bell Forest, can be found at: HydroPortfolio
Good canoeing needs water levels a metre or higher at Bell Forest; much lower than that, expect scratches or worse.


When the water in the Meduxnekeag peaked on December 14, 2010, it was at 4.409 metres on the guage at Bell Forest; the preliminary translation of this into cubic metres per second is that it equals 828 cms. The highest level ever previously recorded for the Meduxnekeag since records began in 1967 was in 1973 when it peaked at 600 cms during the spring freshet at the end of April, making the December flood nearly 40% above the previous record.


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Last update : March 7, 2011