Meduxnekeag River Association


Like all non-profit community organizations, the Meduxnekeag River Association thrives on the work and time of its volunteers. If you’d like to help, here are some of the opportunities for volunteer involvement:
  • Be a judge in our annual Meduxnekeag Environmental Showcase competition. The week before Earth Day each year, we look for community volunteers to spend a couple of hours at one of the local elementary schools looking at projects and  talking and listening to the students who created them, then deciding the Grade level winners who go on to the Showcase Grand Finale on Earth Day. We use at least two judges for each Grade (so you don’t have to make the hard decisions alone!), and last year five schools participated. You can be a judge at one school or more than one.

  • Help us organize our annual dinner and auction. Held about April 15th, this is Meduxnekeag River Association’s major source of funding, as well as a popular social occasion. We appreciate volunteer help in everything from getting donated items for the auction to setting up the hall for the event and cleaning up afterwards.

    Volunteers collecting macroinvertebrates from a stream: number, diversity and density of this bottom life provide information about water health.

  • Become a water quality monitor. In 2005, as part of our Meduxnekeag Water Classification Project, we’ll be training volunteers to help carry out some of the testing that shows aspects of the health of the river.

  • Help with the trails clean-up. After the snow goes in the Spring, we go around the 10 km of trails on the Meduxnekeag Valley Nature Preserve, remove any fallen trees and branches which have come down, and get the trails ready for easy use.

Please contact us for volunteering. Thank you.


Community Stewardship for the Meduxnekeag Watershed Region
Last update : May 23, 2005
May 23, 2005