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NORTHWATCH NEWS is  Northwatch's electronic newsletter. Northwatch News is  publication of Northwatch and its member groups. Contributions for publication in our electronic newsletter, calendar of events or web site(s) are welcome. To subscribe, click on this link.

Other Electronic Newsletters Published by Northwatch

The Forest File is our electronic newsletter about forests and forest management in northeastern Ontario. To subscribe, click on this link.

Know Nuclear Waste News is our electronic newsletter about nuclear waste issues in Canada. To subscribe, click on this link.

Archived Issues

Northwatch News was for many years printed as a hard-copy quarterly newsletter and stories were posted under the related issue page (Forests,  Mines,  Nukes, Air, Toxics,  Garbage, Water, Wind,  Peace). The 2002-2008 issues are available in pdf form (see links below) and stories are posted in the archived sections of the Northwatch web site.

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Your comments, questions, suggestions and feedback are always welcome! Interested in volunteering with Northwatch? We're interested in hearing from you! Please email us or call us at 705 497 0373.