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Dear Stakeholder:

As you know, Bennett submitted its environmental assessment (EA) to the
ministry for review and a decision on June 21, 2002.  The ministry
undertook a thorough government review with an extensive government
review team.  Concurrently, the public was invited to make submissions to
the ministry. The government/public comment period was to end on August
9, 2002; however a four week extension to the government/public review
period was granted to provide the public additional time to review the EA
documents.  The government/public comment period ended on September 6,

During the review of the EA, a number of deficiencies were found.  On
November 1, 2002, the Director of the Environmental Assessment and
Approvals Branch issued a Deficiency Statement to Bennett Environmental
Inc. under section 7(4) of the Environmental Assessment Act citing:
errors and omissions, gaps in data and inconsistencies and discrepancies
that were uncovered by the Government Review Team during their review.
Under the Act, Bennett had seven days to remedy the deficiencies.

On November 8, 2002, Bennett advised the ministry that it was withdrawing
its environmental assessment to address the deficiencies.  According to
Bennett, it intends to amend the EA and re-submit it to the ministry for
review and a decision.

When Bennett resubmits its EA, and it has not informed the ministry of
when it intends to do so, the amended EA will be circulated to the
Government Review Team for review and comment.  At the same time, the
public will be able to make submissions about the amended EA.  Once the
comment period has ended, the ministry will complete and publish its
Government Review.  The public and the Government Review Team will have
an opportunity to comment on the Government Review and the EA.  Ministry
staff will then review all submissions received prior to making a
recommendation to the Minister.

As a result of Bennett withdrawing its EA, the ministry will not be
responding to the submissions received during the public comment period
from members of the public as there is no longer an application from
Bennett before the ministry.

Please call if you would like to discuss this further.

Ariane Heisey

Ariane Heisey
Special Project Officer
EA Project Coordination Section
Environmental Assessment and Approvals Branch
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