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October 30, 2002

Ms. Brennain Lloyd
P.O. Box 282
North Bay, ON PIB 8H2

Dear Ms. Lloyd;

RE   Freedom of In formation and
 Protection of Privacy Act Request
Our File #NOROI2952

This letter is further to your request made pursuant to the Freedom of In formation and Protection of Pdvacy Act relating to Trans-Cycle Industries Inc. located at 455 Archer Drive, Kirkland Lake, Ontario. I apologize for the delay in responding.

After reviewing the records and as mentioned in our  previous correspondence, it is necessary to contact the third party pursuant to Section 28 of the Act to determine if the records submitted contain confidential information as outlined in Section 17 of the Act. As a result, the third party has until November 20, 2002 to provide reasons for the claim of confidentiality and then the Ministry has until November 30, 2002 to make a final decision about disclosure of the records.

Should you have any questions regarding this mailer, please contact Fred Ruiter at


Jim Lewis Manager

c. S.lsleifson, C. Cascallar, E. Ragone (IPCIO)