For Immediate Release - August 12, 2003

Water Expert Issues Damning Report Over Adams Mine

Earlton -- The Adams Mine dump proposal was approved on the basis of "seriously flawed" and "effectively worthless" scientific information. That's the conclusion of a new report on the controversial dumpsite prepared by Dr. Ken Howard, lead consultant with the Walkerton Inquiry. The report, commissioned by the Temiskaming Federation of Agriculture (TFA), reviewed modeling predictions made during the 1998 EA process. Dr. Howard's report is scathing in its condemnation of the Ministry of Environment Approval's Process.

According to the Executive Summary:
"The models developed to convince the Director (of Approvals Branch)...have virtually no scientific merit and are effectively worthless..."

"The director had no qualms...[about] making a crucial decision based on the findings of two seriously flawed models that his scientific advisors should have rejected without hesitation...I fault the Ministry of Environment for failing to conduct a thorough scientific review of the model results."

The report will likely raise major questions about the MOE approval process. Howard is a professor at the U of T, president of the Canadian Groundwater Institute and the VP of the International Association of Hydrogeologists.

The report comes as the TFA are fighting a $10 million lawsuit by the promoters of the Adams Mine. The lawsuit is seen by some as an attempt to put a chill on the farmer's independent review of the site.

John Vanthof, president of the TFA, says the farmers are releasing a short Executive Summary of Howard's findings but are holding back the full report in case the farm communities have to take the MOE to court.

"We have spent our own money doing the work the Ministry should have done in the first place," says  Vanthof. "Either the MOE sits down and addresses these concerns or we will be in court to make sure they protect the public interest."


An Independent Review and Critical Analysis of Hydrogeological Investigations and Recent Monitoring Data


August 12th, 2003

Ken W.F. Howard MSc, PhD, PHG, PGeo, CGeol FGS
University Professor and Groundwater Consultant

Now available on  Public Concern Temiskaming's web site: http://www.publicconcern.org