Secret Adams Mine Meeting Questions CN's Involvement in
Creating Unrest in Michigan

February 17, 2003

Toronto Details of a secret strategy session between Adams Mine dump promoter Gordon McGuinty and CN execs Keith Heller (VP for Eastern Canada) and Scott Roberts has raised disturbing allegations of a campaign underway to disrupt Toronto's contract with a Michigan waste company. The details of the strategy session were revealed in sworn statements from a North Bay couple that overheard the Monday February 10th meeting held at a North Bay restaurant.

According to the statement by witness Scott Caverly, CN VP Keith Heller opened the meeting by saying, "Let's get this strategy session underway." The witness statement then goes on to say: "It was apparent that there was a total lack of concern for Ontario Northland, Northern Ontario, the environment or anyone or thing that was in the way of the garbage project. It was stated that they were actively working in Michigan to stop the trucking."

MPP David Ramsay says the sworn statements appear very credible. He says the allegations that CN might be actively working in Michigan to undermine Toronto's signed contract with Republic Services is shocking.

Equally disturbing is the statement alleging that dump promoter Gordon McGuinty stated, "I don't know if the pit is going to leak, but if it does, fk it."

Terry Graves of the Adams Mine Coalition says the alleged comment raises frightening prospects for northern residents dependent on groundwater near the dumpsite.

"We have always maintained that the Adams Mine plan was a reckless and irresponsible gamble with the groundwater of our region. What does the proponent know about the dangers posed by this pit that Ontario's Ministry of Environment has overlooked?"

If approved the dump would have contaminated more than 360 million litres of groundwater a year in "washing" the toxins out of urban waste. Throughout the siting process, the promoters refused to submit the site to a basic dye test that would confirm one way or another whether the pit water was leaking into the surrounding water table.

MPP David Ramsay says he will be submitting the sworn statements to Toronto City Hall's legal counsel, as well as to the legal department at Republic Services in case they want to investigate this matter further.

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