Statement from the Adams Mine Coalition
Keele Valley Closing
December 31, 2002

I have come here tonight representing the broad coalition of farmers,  First Nation communities and environmentalists who successfully stopped  the Adams Mine dump project from being approved.

We wish the citizens of Keele region well. However, instead of celebrating the demise of this dump, we ask you people to take time to consider the wasteful economics of garbage.

The Adams Mine dump represented the most wasteful and lazy environmental project ever conceived in the province of Ontario.

The Adams Mine wasn¹t a landfill site it was a badly fractured rock pit filling with

Why was it even in the running? Because it was considered cheap and convenient.

It was considered convenient to haul garbage 700 kilometres.

It was considered convenient to deliberately pollute up to 360 million litres of groundwater every year using northern groundwater to wash the toxins out of urban garbage.

There are those out there who still want the Adams Mine revived. It will never happen.

The people from across the north are united with concerned citizens across Ontario and Canada. We defeated this plan in 1990. We defeated it in 1995. We defeated it in 2000. We will defeat it if the Smart Growth committee or the Conservative government attempt to turn back the clock on recycling.

But we have also come here tonight to plead for our neighbours in Michigan who are now bearing the full weight of not only Toronto's garbage but York's garbage and Mississauga's.

If you can celebrate the closing of a dump in your own neighbourhood, surely you can help lead the charge to make York region a leader in waste reduction. We are asking you to remember your northern neighbours and your Michigan neighbours.

If York region and Peel region are going to stop dumps from being sited in their jurisdictions, it is your responsibility as citizens to embrace a rigorous reduction program.

We ask you to join with the City of Toronto to push for zero waste by 2010.