The nuclear industry is coming to Sudbury!

On May 25th the Nuclear Waste Management Organization will be holding court in the Howard Johnson Hotel at 50 Brady Street in Sudbury, soliciting pubic comments on their proposed siting process for the selection of a "host community" for nuclear waste. 

The sessions are scheduled between 2:00 in the afternoon and 9:00 in the evening.  They are set up in an open house format for people to drop in any time during this period.  25 or so poster boards will be set up around the room providing what the NWMO describes as "a high level overview of who we are, why used nuclear fuel needs to be managed,what is the plan which was approved by the government for the long term management of used nuclear fuel in Canada, and some key elements of the proposed process for selecting a site".  A 20 minute video will be playing throughout the session covering many of the same issues.  Printed material will be available and NWMO staff from a variety of areas of the organization will be at the session to hear comments, suggestions and concerns and to answer questions.

WHEN: Monday, May 25th, 2 to 9 pm
WHERE: Howard Johnson Hotel, 50 Brady Street, Sudbury
WHO: Nuclear Waste Management Organization, an industry organization comprised of Ontario Power Generation, Hydro Quebec and New Brunswick Power, ie. the provincial utlities who run nuclear power reactors and generate highly radioactive nuclear fuel waste
WHY: The NWMO is in the early stages of their search for a community who will allow the industry to stash millions of used and highly radoactive nuclear fuel roads underground. They released a description of their site selection process in early May and this is their public relations run. 

There is a lot of background to this issue and to the Nuclear Waste Management Organizations current foray into northern Ontario, but here are the key bits:

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