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The nuclear industry in Canada is fond of describing what it calls an "international consensus" around nuclear waste. The consensus, they claim, is that the best option for the long term management of nuclear waste is to "dispose" of it by burying it deep underground. But where is that happening? Nowhere! Finland has plans to do so, but is still investigating a potential site. Sweden says they are going to do it, and has a location and a plan, but won't start moving the waste underground for many more years. The U.S. and Germany have put plans on hold and are now talking "storage". A  new plan was announced early in 2010 for 'shallow storage' in Scotland, but a site has not been identified and certainly has not been accepted. And, in Canada, the nuclear industry has an "idea", but no design, and certainly no location. There may be a consensus, but it is much more about what hasn't worked, than about what is going to work.

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Images are from German protests against nuclear waste shipments to Gorleben.
Background Reading

Examining the "International Consensus" on  Nuclear Fuel Waste Management and Disposal, by PJ Richardson BSc CGeol FGS  Consulting Geologist, Prepared for Northwatch, February 1997. (pdf)

NWMO Summary
Status of National Used Fuel / High Level Radioactive Waste Management Programs, 2009 (pdf)

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