Workshops on Nuclear Expansion at the
Bruce Nuclear Generating Station

June 9-12, 2008
Blind River, Sault Ste. Marie, Manitoulin Island and Port Elgin

Two new nuclear projects are being proposed for construction at the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station in Kincardine, with potential impacts on Lake Huron, including the North Shore and Manitoulin Island. Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is proposing to construct a "Deep Geologic Repository for Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Wastes" to receive wastes from the Bruce, Darlington and Pickering reactors, while Bruce Power Inc., a private nuclear utility, is proposing to construct four additional nuclear reactors at the station, adding to the existing 8 (of which five are currently operating).

Please join us for one of the following workshops to learn more about the projects, related concerns, and the public review processes that are currently underway.

Blind River June 9, 7 pm Upper Hall, Marina Park, 1 Marina Road,Blind River
Sault Ste. Marie June 10, 7 pm Clean North office, 736 Queen St. East, Sault Ste. Marie
Mindemoya June 11, 2 pm Mindemoya Community Centre, 6032 Highway 542
M'Chigeeng June 11, 7 pm United Chiefs and Councils of Manitoulin
Port Elgin June 12, 7 pm Colonial Motel, Highway 21 / 235 Goderich St

Workshops will include an introduction to the projects, an outline of the environmental assessment review process, sharing of information including expert comments on the proposals, and a discussion period. Local concerns will be identified and addressed, and strategies developed to respond to both basin-wide and local concerns.

Who should attend? Concerned citizens, ratepayers, food producers, recreational groups, tourist operators, faith communities, wild fish and game consumers, First Nations, environmental organizations, safe energy supporters.

What will be achieved? Workshop participants will learn about the projects and processes in order to participate more effectively and will contribute to the briefs being prepared by Northwatch as part of the environmental assessment process.

What should you do? Plan to attend. Pre-registering by emailing or callling 1 877 553 0481 is encouraged but not required. If you are unable to attend but would like more information, please contact Northwatch via the email or toll free number above or visit


Deep Geologic Repository for Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Wastes

Ontario Power Generation is asking for approvals for the construction and operation of a "deep geologic repository" for the disposal of low and intermediate level radioactive wastes produced from OPG-owned nuclear generating stations at Bruce, Pickering and Darlington, Ontario.

Proposal to Construct and Operate New Nuclear Reactors

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) has received an application from Bruce Power (Inc.) for a licence to prepare a site for the future construction of a nuclear reactor generating facility on the Bruce Power site located within the municipality of Kincardine, Ontario. The proposal by Bruce Power involves the construction and operation of up to four new nuclear reactors for the generation of approximately 4,000 MW of electrical generating capacity for supply to the Ontario grid. The proposed units would be constructed as two-twin unit modules. Bruce Power is considering a range of reactor designs. The scope of Bruce Power's proposal includes preparation of the site, construction and operation of four new nuclear power reactors located within the boundaries of the existing Bruce Power site. Operations would involve activities required to operate and maintain the new reactor units, including management of waste. Alternative reactor designs will be considered for the purposes of the environmental assessment and take into account mid-life refurbishment of the new reactor units, as required.

Current Review of the Environmental Impact Statement Guidelines and Joint Panel Agreements

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (the Agency) and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (the CNSC) have released for public comment two documents -- the draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) guidelines and the draft Joint Review Panel (JRP) agreement -- related to the proposed Bruce Power New Nuclear Power Plant Project and the proposed Deep Geologic Repository for Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Wastes.

The draft EIS guidelines identify the information needed to examine the potential environmental effects of the proposed project, as well as its requirements for a licence to prepare a site. After considering public comments, the EIS guidelines will be finalized and provided to the proponents (Bruce Power for the reactors, Ontario Power Generation for the underground waste respository).

The JRP agreement deals with the establishment of a panel to perform an assessment of the project's environmental impact and of the application for a licence to prepare a site. It includes procedures for appointing the JRP members, the proposed terms of reference (i.e. responsibilities), and process for conducting the review. After taking comments into consideration, the draft agreement will be finalized and a panel will be appointed to review each of the projects.

The draft EIS guidelines and Joint Revew Panel agreements were released on April 4 for a public review period which ends June 18th. More information is available at