You can forbid almost anything
But you can't forbid me to think
You can't forbid my tears to fall
You can't stop my voice when I sing. 

Greenham Common Women's Camp

The North Bay Peace Alliance - like many other peace groups large and small around the world - continues a vigil for peace.  Each Wednesday evening from October 25, 2001 to October 29, 2003 a group gathered between 6 and 6:30 p.m. in front of the office of their federal Member of Parliament to join the global call for peace. On October 29, 2003, the North Bay Peace Alliance launched a monthly peace studies program, to provide opportunities for more in-depth learning, discussion and exchanging of ideas about how peace can be built in a conflict-ridden world. The North Bay Peace Alliance's 2010 program includes community events, small-group workshops on promoting peace, and and ongoing dialogue about Canada's role in the global village. Please email us at if you would like to be added to the contact list.

2010 Program
In gratitude for all that St. Andrews United Church has contributed to peace-building in our community, the North Bay Peace Alliance is hosting a benefit concert as a contribution to St. Andrew's fundraising campaign to repair their building. Please join us!

Rodney Brown in Concert
Sunday, May 9th, 7 pm
The Parlour, St. Andrews United Church
399 Cassells Street, McIntyre Street entrance
$12 per person of $25 per family

Tickets are available at Gullivers Books on Main Street, at the door, or by calling 497 0373. 
Space is limited, so reserve or buy your ticket soon!

Rodney is a singer-songwriter from Thunder Bay, and beloved to many in the peace and environment community for his wonderful songs about uranium mining and nuclear waste (he sang of the dangers). He is touring from northwestern Ontario to Quebec this spring, and will be doing a benefit concert in North Bay en route.  To learn more about Rodney and his music, visit

May 9th poster (pdf)


2009 Program

Three Days for Peace

Saturday, September 19th
Launch of White Dove Campaign at the Can-Change Festival, North Bay Waterfront, 11 am

Sunday, September 20th
Talk by author Yves Engler on Canada's role in the world, WKP Kennedy Gallery, 7 pm

Monday, September 21st
International Day of Peace events, including release of the Mayor's Proclamation

Canada on the World Stage: a force for good or bad actor?
Book Tour for  "The Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy" by Yves Engler

Sunday, September 20th, 7 pm
W.K.P. Kennedy Art Gallery, 150 Main Street East, North Bay

Hosted by the North Bay Peace Alliance

A talk and audiovisual presentation on Canada's role in the world. Numerous studies have found that Canadians’ self-appraisal of their country’s foreign policy is more positive than any other country. Contrary to the mythology of Canada as a force for good in the world, this country has been part of the command and control apparatus of the world economic system from its beginning. At first, Canada served as an arm of the British Empire, but, given the country's location and economic and racial makeup, quickly became intertwined with the USA.

About the book
The Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy is the first serious critical overview of Canada’s role on the world stage. Numerous studies have found that Canadians’ self-appraisal of their country’s foreign policy is more positive than any other country. Most believe Canada’s primary role has been as peacekeeper or honest broker in difficult-to-solve disputes. But, contrary to the mythology of Canada as a force for good in the world, this country has been part of an anti-democratic command and control apparatus of the world economic system from its beginning. At first Canada served as an arm of the British Empire, then quickly became intertwined with the USA. From troops that joined the British in Sudan in 1885 and the thousands of Canadians who pillaged and murdered the Boers during the war of 1898-1902 in South Africa, to gunboat diplomacy in the Caribbean and aspirations of Central American empire, to participation in the UN mission that killed Patrice Lumumba in the Congo and assisting in the ouster of Kwame Nkrumah in Ghana, to critical support for Zionism and a pro-American role during the war in Vietnam, to helping overthrow the elected Salvador Allende and supporting the dictator Pinochet in Chile, to Haiti and Canadian mining companies operating around the world today, the book sheds light on the many dark corners of Canadian foreign policy.

About the author
Yves Engler is the author of two books: Canada in Haiti: Waging War on the Poor Majority (with Anthony Fenton) and Playing Left Wing: From Rink Rat to Student Radical. Both books are published by RED/Fernwood.

More on Yves Engler and his book at .

The North Bay Peace Alliance will host an event commemorating the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

The gathering will be held on the 64th anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki Japan on August 9th on the steps of North Bay City Hall (McIntyre Street, between Wyld and Sherbourne Streets) beginning at 8 pm. 

Everyone is welcome.
For more information please call 497 0373.


The North Bay Peace Alliance is honoured to be hosting film director/producer Amy Miller for an evening in North Bay as part of a cross country screening and speaking tour of the documentary:

Myths for Profit:
Canada's Role in Industries of War and Peace
 Tuesday, March 31st, 7 pm
(Refreshments at 6:30, program start at 7 pm)
North Bay Public Library Auditorium
271 Worthington Street East

Everyone is welcome. For more information please call 497 0373 or email

‘MYTHS FOR PROFIT' is a dramatic, exposé documentary which explores 'Canada’s role in Industries of War and Peace’. Through diverse interviews and case studies this documentary unveils the specific interests and profits that are made by certain corporation, individuals and agency within Canada. The Canadian government and the military would like us to believe that we are altruistic peacekeepers helping people around the world. But is this accurate? 'MYTHS FOR PROFIT' examines how these misconception are maintained and who stands to gain by perpetuating them. By understanding the systems of power in Canada we can move forward in challenging how they operate and collectively create change. For more information and to view a demo reel visit

2008 Program
Hiroshima Commemoration - August 6th, 2008
News Story in the North Bay Nugget

North Bay Peace Studies Program
2006 - 2007

Please join us for the third Tuesday of each month at 7 pm
for our monthly study and discussion session on current peace and justice issues.

Room # 9, St. Andrew's United Church
(use McIntyre Street West entrance; then down the stairs and to the left!)

September 19           October 17        November 21

January 16        February 20          March 20         April 17        May 23        June 19

Email to be added to the email list and receive reminders and details of upcoming peace study sessions.
Would you like to organize or lead one of the monthly peace studies? Please send an email to outlining your idea and your preferred month.

Call 497 0373 for details

Everyone is welcome.

Join us for a Gathering Commemorating the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Wednesday, August 9, 2006 at 8 p.m. - Steps of City Hall, North Bay

North Bay Peace Studies Program
2005 - 2006
Third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

Call 497 0373 for details

Everyone is welcome.

  Join us for a Gathering Commemorating the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Tuesday, August 9, 2005 at 8 p.m. - Steps of City Hall, North Bay

North Bay Peace Studies Program
2004 - 2005
Last Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m.

St. Andrew's United Church Hall, 399 Cassells Street (use McIntyre Street entrance)

Click here for details of each month's program

Everyone is welcome.

Join us for a Gathering Commemorating the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Monday, August 9, 2004 at 8 p.m. - Steps of City Hall, North Bay


For Immediate Release
June 25, 2004

Poor Showing in Response to Nipissing-Timiskaming
Candidate Survey on Peace and Security

North Bay - The North Bay Peace Alliance is reporting a poor response from most local candidates in response to a Candidates' Survey on Peace and Security delivered to candidates on June 12th. NDP candidate Dave Fluri was the sole respondent, answering all four questions in the positive within a few days of receiving it.

"We're pleased with Dave Fluri's response", said Deb Sullivan, one of the Peace Alliance survey coordinators. "He responded in a timely fashion, but also provided what we consider to be very positive responses, indicating a commitment on the part of the New Democratic Party to keeping Canada out of George Bush's ballistic missile defence program, and to pursuing a lead role as a global peacemaker, with a renewed commitment to peacekeeping and a substantial increase in foreign aid."

Liberal candidate Anthony Rota was unable to respond within the timeframe available, while Conservative candidate Al McDonald's campaign office said they had sent the survey to "head office" for a reply, but did not know if or when a response would be provided. Green candidate Les Wilcox did not respond.

"It's unfortunate that Nipissing-Timiskaming voters have not heard from their own candidates on these important issues", said Jim Puddister, a North Bay Peace Alliance survey coordinator.

"Recent media coverage has made the direct link between the NORAD facility here in North Bay and possible involvement of Canada in the American National Missile Defence Program, known in the Reagan years as Star Wars. But 3 out of 4 local candidates are either not paying attention or are not prepared to commit to a position on this key election issue."

The views of the national parties and their leaders on issues such as Canadian participation in the U.S. missile defence program have received election attention through the media and through election analysis done at the national level. The Polaris Institute studies Canadian security policies and advocates a public-interest viewpoint on these issues. Using party platforms, statements by party leaders and candidates, media coverage, and previous performance in Parliament, the Polaris Institute produced a parties' "end-of-campaign report card", summarizing party positions.

According to the Polaris Institute national report card summary, the Conservatives are in favour of Canada's joining the expensive and dangerous U.S. missile shield, and show little commitment to opposing the weaponization of space. Despite the fact that no official final decision has been made, Liberal Party leader Paul Martin is in favour of Canada's joining the U.S. missile defence scheme, and Canadian military personnel have participated in missile defence war games at NORAD. On missile defence, the NDP has made its position of not joining the U.S. system and opposing the weaponization of space a central plank in its campaign. A minority government depending on NDP support would likely have to walk away from the American missile defence table. The Greens earned marks for their opposition to Canada's joining the U.S. missile defence system and the weaponization of space, and their willingness to curb arms exports.

- 30 -

For more information contact:

 Deb Sullivan     North Bay Peace Alliance 495 4367
 Jim Puddister   North Bay Peace Alliance 476 3839
 Steven Staples  Polaris Institute   613 237-1717

North Bay Peace Alliance Candidate Survey on Peace and Security (PDF)

Visit for questions for candidates and news updates
Canada and Missile Defence: 10 Straight Questions and 10 Honest Answers - Polaris Institute (pdf file)
Excellent resources and information about national missile defence from Project Ploughshares
Canadian Campaign to Oppose Missile Defence

North Bay Peace Studies Program - 2003-2004 - 2nd Wednesday of each month

Canada's Department of Peace

A Dialogue on Canada's Foreign Policy - North Bay Forum  is May 21st 2003 at  7 p.m.

PEACE ACTION: Write Cabinet TODAY! Say NO to National Missile Defence

A Dialogue on Canada's Foreign Policy

The Honourable Bill Graham, Minister of Foreign Affairs, has invited Canadians to participate in a discussion of Canada's place in the world. Join the North Bay dialogue about Canada's role in global security, our place in international alliances, and what Canada can best contribute to resolving international conflicts.

Wednesday, May 21,  7 p.m.

The Parlour, St. Andrew's United Church
399 Cassells Street, McIntyre Street Entrance

Special Guest: Nipissing M.P. Bob Wood

Click Here for Details and Poster

Project Ploughshares on Canada's Foreign Policy Dialogue

PEACE ACTION: Write Cabinet TODAY! Say NO to U.S. National Missile Defence

May 6, 2003 - The federal cabinet is now engaged in a discussion about whether Canada should join the American missile defence program. While the print media stories which were posted on line this afternoon and evening (Tuesday, May 6th) indicate that a cabinet decision could be as early as next week, Liberal MP John Godfrey - opposed to Canada's joining the U.S. in what many see as a provoactive military adventure - said the decision could be made as early at tomorrow.

So write today! Send a simple message, saying you are opposed to Canada's  joining the North American Missile Defence program, and find it unthinkable that Cabinet would rush to such a decision without a full debate in Parliament and with the Canadian public at large. Write or email to the Prime Minister and key cabinet ministers, or write to them all!
"Prime Minister Jean Chetien" <>,
"Minister of Defence" <>,
"Minister of Foreign Affairs" <>,
"Hon. Sheila Copps" <>,
"Hon. Paul Martin" <>,
"Hon. John Manley" <>,

List of emails for all Canadian Members of Parliament
Link to emails for MPs in Northern Ontario

For more information:

Project Ploughshares        Federation of American Scientists' Space Policy Project    Recent media reports
Sample Letter:

Dear Member of Parliament:

Recent news of Cabinet discussions about Canada joining the American Missile Defence scheme is extremely alarming, as well as disheartening. 

Canada should NOT be joining in this ill advised American military adventure. Not only is this a surrendering of Canadian sovereignty,  but this system  - if ever deployed - could have major, potentially very damaging, implications for global security, provoking dangerous reactions in Russia and China, undermining or destroying important arms control agreements, blocking vital safety initiatives such as the de-alerting of nuclear forces, and even raising the possibility of a new nuclear arms race.

Entering into discussions with the Unites States of America about any Canadian role in a North American Missile Defence program would be a major shift in the Canadian position. No discussions should take place prior to a full debate in Parliament and full public debate. 

Your Name

Your Contact Information


Wednesday, April 23rd

"What I've Learned About U.S. Foreign Policy"
The War Against the Third World
CIA Covert Operations & Pentagon Interventions Since World War II

This remarkable film is a shocking expose of USA and CIA "interventions" since World War II.  For those who seek to look at the big picture and underlying causes -- this is a must-see. The video is a compilation of segments from existing documentaries, painting a picture of American international involvement from the 50's to date. Includes assasinations of Civil Rights leaders, the Iran Contra Affair, School of the Americas, the Panama Deception, and much more. With Ramsey Clark (former US Attorney General), Bill Moyers (PBS investigative journalist), Amy Goodman (journalist & host of Democracy Now), Martin Luther King Jr. and others. For more info visit

Peace Vigil in front of M.P. Bob Wood's office from 6 to 6:30

Potluck Supper to follow, Video Sreening at 7:30 pm
The Parlour, St. Andrew's United Church, 399 Cassells

Taize Worship Service

Witnessing for Peace

In a time of war, we gather as a community to celebrate life through music,
silence, meditation and prayer.

Sunday, April 13, 2003     7:30 pm

In the Sanctuary of St. Andrew's United Church
399 Cassells Street, North Bay, Ontario

You are invited to bring along a symbol of peace to place on the Banner for Peace.

poster (html or pdf)

On Saturday, April 12, a Peace Walk will begin at North Bay City Hall at 1 pm. The walk will go from City Hall at McIntyre and Wyld Streets to the BOMARC missile, at the corner of Judge Street and Lakeshore Drive. Transportation will be available for those who are unable to walk that distance, but would like to be part of the peaceful assemblies at the beginning and end of the walk. The North Bay peace walk is part of an international day of action against the war on Iraq.  Click hereto view or print the poster.

Things YOU Can Do Today to say NO TO WAR

Speak out! Speak Up! Say No to War on Iraq!

For more information about the war on Iraq and peace movement activities and responses, visit:
Common Dreams News Centre
CBC On-Line
Canadian Network to End Sanctions on Iraq
Canadian Peace Alliance
 Peace Magazine
True Majority
International A.N.S.W.E.R.
United for Peace
Environmentalists Against War



Saturday, March 22, 1 PM

North Bay City Hall
(McIntyre Street side, by the steps)

Wednesday, March 19th - 90 minutes after "deadline" on the US demand that Saddam Hussein and his family leave Iraq expired - the United States launched  a pre-dawn first attack on Baghdad. More attacks followed the next day, and the ground invasion began with the capture of the port town of Umm Qasr.


Poster for March 22 Rally

Thursday, March 20 - Peace Vigil at 6 p.m
A peace vigil will gather in front of Nipissing MP Bob Wood's office at 6 p.m. this evening, Thursday, March 20th in response to Wednesday evening military attacks on Iraq which commenced Wednesday evening.

Yesterday evening, the U.S. led war on Iraq began with 42 cruise missile launched on an (to date unidentified) building  where the U.S. believed that several Iraqi government leaders - including President Sadaam Hussein - were meeting.  The attacks were launched approximately 9:30 Wednesday evening, Washington time, which was pre-dawn Thursday morning in Baghdad.

Around the world, the peace movement is organizing "the day after" events in the centre of major towns and cities. In North Bay, the gathering will be in front of MP Bob Wood's Constituency office at 160 McIntyre Street West.

Poster for March 20th Peace Vigil (pdf)

Explosions rock Baghdad as U.S. attacks; Iraq lobs missiles at Kuwait
U.S. army launches war against Iraq; 1,000 U.S. troops raid Afghan villages in hunt for al-Qaida
World reacts to the invasion of Iraq with protests and prayers; Antiwar activists hold protests and vigils

Millions Walk World Wide


Saturday, March 15


1 PM Assembly at North Bay City Hall,   McIntyre Street Steps
1:15   International Peace Walk
3 PM Video Screening & Discussion,  St. Andrew's United Church Parlour
"Generation of Hate"
Emmy Award winning filmmaker Shelley Saywell travels to Iraq to explore the impact of western policies and take the pulse of ordinary Iraqis on the eve of a possible US invasion.

North Bay Poster for March 15 (pdf)

International Peace Movement Adopts March 15 as Date of Solidarity Actions Worldwide

March 5 International Poetry Action Against War on Iraq
February 15  International Day of Action Against War on Iraq
January 18 Peace Rally and Teach-In, North Bay
January 18 International Day of Action Against War on Iraq

Weekly  peace vigil beomes part of an international poetry action!

Wednesday, March 5, 6 p.m.

(in front of MP Bob Wood's office, 160 McIntyre Street West, North Bay)

Please bring a poem you have written, or a poem someone else has written!  The following two sites have plenty of poems on an anti-war theme for people to peruse:

Poetry International Web has a link to an online publication called "100 Poets Against the War" in PDF format.

Poets against the War has compiled over 13,000 poems.

Millions say "NO WAR  ON IRAQ"

February 15 peace events in Northeastern Ontario
February 15 peace events across Canada
February 15 peace events around the world

We Call for Peace - NO WAR ON IRAQ
Rally and Video Event
Saturday, February 15

Rally 1 pm, North Bay City Hall
Video Screening 3 pm, St. Andrew's United Church


We Call for Peacemaking

Let us reaffirm our rejection of war on Iraq, and call on the Government of Canada to refuse any military involvement in such a war and upon people and governments everywhere to redouble the pursuit of peacemaking. Join  us for the events in North Bay as part of the International Day of Action Against War on Iraq.


1 PM Rally at North Bay City Hall, McIntyre Street Steps

3 PM Video Screening & Discussion St. Andrew's United Church Parlour

"Hidden Wars of Desert Storm"
A documentary film exploring disturbing questions about the "first" Gulf war, and attacks on Iraq. The result of a 2 year investigation, with documents never seen before on television, including archival footage and moving images recently brought back from Iraq.

Everyone is welcome. For more information telephone the North Bay Peace Alliance at 497 0373.

Event poster (pdf)

NO WAR ON IRAQ - January 18
There are times in history when the action of the people can  make a decisive difference. The Bush administration has  leaked to the press the plan to go to war against Iraq  sometime around January 27. Thousands of innocent people  in Iraq and an unknown number of U.S. GIs will die unless  George Bush can be made to hear the people of the world's  call: NO WAR ON IRAQ!

The weekend of January 18th is also the anniversary of the  start of the 1991 U.S./UN war against the people of Iraq.  100,000-200,000 Iraqis were killed as U.S./UN bombers  dropped more than 88,500 tons of explosives on Iraq during  this 42-day assault. In the years since, more than 1.5 million  Iraqi civilians have perished as a consequence of malnutrition  and disease caused by economic sanctions.

POSTER for North Bay Event (pdf)

Canadian peace movement gains momentum as thousands gather nationwide, 1 million worldwide


Canadian peace movement gains momentum as thousands gather nationwide

January 18, 2003 - The Canadian peace movement turned out in force Saturday - joining compatriots in the U.S. and around the world - as thousands gathered nationwide to protest the prospect of war against Iraq.
See full story

500,000 Anti-War Protesters Demonstrate in Washington, 200,00 March in San Francisco
Hundreds of Thousands More Demonstrate Around the World To Oppose U.S. War With Iraq

Jan 18 Washington DC -  Half a million people marched through the streets of Washington Saturday and 200,000 demonstrated in San Francisco in the largest U.S. demonstrations yet against war with Iraq.  Sponsored by the International A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism) Coalition, the protests were endorsed by thousands of organizations. Similar demonstrations were held in at least 30 other countries.  See full story

Hope, anti-war sentiment draw crowd in Thunder Bay

January 18, 2003 - Cold weather aside, about 350 Thunder Bay residents joined demonstrators around the world yesterday in what was called a Day of Action to protest a possible war in Iraq. Students, retirees, the curious and the discouraged assembled at a peace rally that began at Victoriaville Centre and ended at St. Andrew’s Church. The event was organized by the Thunder Bay Peace Coalition. Speakers at the venue shared thoughts on terrorism, the casualties of war and opposition to Canadian participation in military action against Iraq. See full story

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