This week's peace vigil in North Bay will be part of an international poetry action! Please join us:

Wednesday, March 5, 6 p.m., in front of MP Bob Wood's office, 160 McIntyre Street West
Please bring a poem you have written, or a poem someone else has written!  The following two sites have plenty of poems on an anti-war theme for people to peruse:
Poetry International Web ( has a link to an online publication called "100 Poets Against the War" in PDF format (
Poets against the War has compiled over 13,000 poems (

JOIN THE WEEKLY VIGILS FOR PEACE! Since October 2001, a group of ordinary citizens committed to peace has met each week in front of Nipissing MP Bob Wood's office to hold a candlelight vigil for peace. For more information about local events, visit

Everyone is welcome to join the Wednesday vigil: 6 p.m., 160 McIntyre Street West, North Bay



  International Day of Poetry Against the War!
  Anti-war Poetry Readings
Everywhere on March 5!
Poems and Statements of 10,000 Poets
to be Delivered to Congress
<>Poets Against the War is calling for an International Day of Poetry Against the War on Wednesday, March 5th. We are asking poets around the world to schedule readings and/or discussions of poetry and protest for that day, to join us in the largest gathering of poets in recorded history on the day in which we present members of the U.S. Congress with the largest single-theme anthology ever compiled.
In the coming days, many of them will be entered into the Congressional Record. On the evening of March 5th, we will hold a major poetry reading in Washington, DC, and ask others to lend their voices to ours in readings and conversations on that day.
Deadline for Submitting Poems: February 28 at Midnight. The <>Poets Against the War web site will continue to accept anti-war poems for publication until midnight, February 28.  We will soon post a form for filing news of poetry readings to be held around the world on March 5th. The web site will remain open for reading poems at least through April, National Poetry Month.