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History of The Olinga Foundation

June 1996 
Literacy Campaign in Ghana is launched in two pilot areas of the country (Volta and Central Region).  National Literacy Task force is established to oversee the campaign.
December 1997
Literacy campaign is launched in Western Region of the country in five communities assisting adults learners to read and write. Facilitators begin using materials in the Primary School System.  
February to June 2000
Collaborators of the Olinga Foundation begin community development activities in Eastern and Volta region of the country focused on the empowerment of  Junior Youth.  The Board of Directors for The Olinga Foundation holds its first meeting.
The CBO Capacity Building Programme begins, with the first workshop in Perchire, Eastern Region.
The Community Development Facilitation Training Programme begins.
January 2001
Olinga Foundation is formally registered as a Non Governmental Agency in Ghana, undertaking the promotion of education, literacy, junior youth and women's empowerment activities.
October 2001
First Teacher Training Programme is held in the Western Region involving over 60 teachers. The programme is formally launched in 35 primary schools in the Wasa Amenfi District, Western Region.
September 2002
The Second Teacher Programme is held involving 56 teachers from Primary and Junior Secondary Schools in the Western Region.  The literacy programme scales up to 55 deprived area schools.

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