Strategic Uses of the Internet

Facilitative Strategies

Organizational maintenance


grants and foundations
Charity Village (Canada)
The Foundation Center (U.S.)

online donations
American Red Cross

commercial sales / e-commerce
Web Networks' Online Marketplace

recruit volunteers
Greenpeace Cyber-Activists  
Impact Online - Virtual Volunteers

Project management

internal (team communication, updates)
external (partners, funders, stakeholders)

Intra-organizational communications

documents (e.g., announcements, minutes, policies, schedules, etc.)
informal communications (jokes, party plans, personal e-mail, etc.)

Co-ordination of action

Citizens for Local Democracy
Council of Canadians anti-MAI campaign

Joint policy development

Kyoto Protocol
official UN site
IISD Linkages

Information sharing

Canadian Auto Workers - Health, Safety and Environment Newsletter

events calendars
Web Networks

job postings
Charity Village

live conference updates
OPC Prevention Congress -

Reference materials

Web Networks

online resources
Zapatistas in Cyberspace
Empowerment Resources

table of contents

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