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Boards of Directors (or Trustees) and Advisory Councils are very important to the operation of an organization. Not only do they provide advice and direction, they offer an excellent means of embedding the organization within a larger social framework. Many of the members are affiliated, as employees or board members, with other SRI-related organizations. These 'interlocks' greatly assist in the provision of resources for inter-organizational initiatives, such as jointly-sponsored research projects or conferences. Policy decisions are enhanced when opinions from non-SRI areas are solicited as well - as in the case of the development of screens.

The Calvert Social Investment Fund provides a good example. It lists the members of its board of trustees and advisory council on its website, as well as providing a photo and a brief biography of each.

Calvert Social Investment Fund

"The Board of Trustees is responsible for overseeing the management and operations of the Calvert Social Investment Fund. The Trustees bring a variety of backgrounds and experience to the Fund but all share a long-term commitment to socially and environmentally responsible investing."

"The Calvert Social Investment Fund Advisory Council serves as the shareholders' voice to the Board of Trustees and to the Calvert Social Research Department. Council members include authors, community development specialists, entrepreneurs, public servants, and social advocates. Their collective expertise helps shape broad policy decisions made by the Fund. Many Advisory Council members also serve on committees and task forces that meet regularly to address such critical issues as corporate environmental practices and equal employment opportunity. The Council meets formally twice a year to evaluate and define the Fund's social screening criteria.

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