Books are still the most effective way to communicate complex ideas, or give detailed descriptions of events and activities not readily conveyable in video mode. Social investment, not being much of a spectator sport, has been well served by the publication of dozens of very good books written on the subject in the last twenty years.

Three particularly good books stand out: The Canadian Ethical Money Guide, Investing for Good, and The Social Investment Almanac.

The 1998 Canadian Ethical Money Guide, Eugene Ellmen, James Lorimer and Co., Halifax, 1997

"The authoritative guide to social investment in Canada. Takes investors - beginning or experienced - through the challenges of managing money in a socially responsible way. 1998 edition includes for the first time, reviews of 15 ethical mutual funds, recommendations on labour funds and information on 10 leading edge Canadian corporate citizens.

Eugene Ellmen is a past advisor to the Ontario government, as well as a former business and finance writer with Canadian Press. He is a frequent contributor in the media on economic and business issues and is a founding member of the Social Investment Organization."

[The 1997 edition of this book sold 2600 copies, according to the author. ]

Investing for Good: Making Money While Being Socially Responsible, Peter Kinder, Steven Lydenberg and Amy Domini, HarperCollins Publishers, Inc., New York, 1993

"This book takes a long-term approach to investing and discusses different kinds of screens that can be applied when deciding which businesses to support with your investments and which to exclude. It offers a comprehensive directory of organizations and mutual funds, as well as a thorough glossary of SRI-related terms."

The Social Investment Almanac : A Comprehensive Guide to Socially Responsible Investing, Peter Kinder, Steven Lydenberg and Amy Domini, eds., Henry Holt and Co., 1992

"The standard reference and resource book for individuals and professionals investigating the opportunities of social investment. It devotes particular attention to environmental investing and covers international SRI as well. Table of Contents: I. Social Investing; II. Shareholder Action; III. Corporate Social Accountability Research; IV. The Social Portfolio; V. Community Development Investing; VI. Consumer & Employment Issues Affecting Social Investing; VII. Social Investing Outside the U.S.; Appendix."

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