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The prime way membership-based organizations have of keeping their members informed is to issue periodic newsletters. SRI trade associations, for example, do this. There are some newsletters, though, that are sold in their own right, rather than as part of a membership package. The aforementioned GreenMoney Journal is a case in point [see Publishers and Distributors in the Players section].

Apart from GreenMoney, there are two other newsletters worth noting: Franklin Research's Insight and the Corporate Ethics Monitor.

Franklin Research's Insight

"Franklin Research's Insight, a monthly newsletter on socially responsible investing. Founded in 1983, Franklin Research's Insight offers the most complete service of any social investment newsletter. You can subscribe to either of two monthly services - one intended for those with an interest in corporate social responsibility and the other geared for investment professionals and active individual investors:

The Basic Service - $29.95

Investing for a Better World

Investing for a Better World explores how social and environmental concerns can impact your choice of investments. From environmental stewardship to human rights, employee relations to corporate citizenship, we look at how companies and investors are confronting the issues of our time. Investing for a Better World also keeps you up-to-date on developments in social and environmental screening. Recent lead story topics have included pressure by social investors on the tobacco industry and an analysis of the Body Shop's social claims.

Investing for a Better World features:

The Professional Service - $225.00

Franklin Research's Insight

Franklin Research's Insight includes Investing for a Better World, but goes on to offer more specific investment advice. Whether you are an individual or an institutional investor, this information will allow you to manage your assets on a socially screened basis. Each month subscribers receive the following:

A model portfolio of recommended stocks.

Two-page profiles on two companies that are of special interest to social investors. We profile and recommend companies that meet or exceed our social screens, which include animal rights, corporate citizenship, employee relations, environmental conduct, and international human rights.

A two-page profile on the social record of a large, controversial company.

...Fresh Produce, a quarterly investment newsletter for young investors."
[Investing for a Better World is now affiliated with Trillium Asset Management]

The Corporate Ethics Monitor

"The Corporate Ethics Monitor, now in its ninth year of publication, is the only regular source of Canadian research on the social, labour and environmental practices of Canadian companies. Subscriptions are available for one year (6 issues) or three years (18 issues). The publication has been described as containing "Extraordinarily insightful articles on issues directly relevant to the screening process. The Corporate Ethics Monitor offers a unique view of corporate accountability tailored to the social investor's needs". Investing For Good (1993)

Each sixteen page issue contains:

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