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On the Internet, group communication has been a commonly enjoyed pastime. Newsgroups range in topic from antique cars to databases to genetic engineering. Although their popularity as public forums has been declining recently due to the irresponsible mass postings of 'spammers', they are still used by millions of people daily. Mail lists, though, are poised to supersede the newsgroups as the venue of choice, perhaps because they are easier to use for the multitude of newcomers to the net. And finally, partially in response to the increasing demand for 'intranet' communications, computer conferences are also being used more frequently.

Regarding public forums for SRI on the net, there are no known newsgroups, although there are: a private mail list for SIF members, a public SRB mail list, and two public computer conferencing forums. None of these seem to be extensively used.

Social Investment Forum private mail list

"Members only: If you're not yet on the SIF Email Discussion Group, join today. Over 100 members discuss hot SRI issues daily. Subscriptions to the list are approved for SIF members only. Send email to with the following information in the body (leave the subject line blank):

subscribe sif-l your-full-name <>"

SRB mail list

"At last, a place for the enlightened discussion of Socially Responsible Business and Investing. This is THE forum for discussion and information exchange focused around aspects and topics of socially responsible business (SRB) *AND* investing (SRI)."

Jepsen is the facilitator of the mail list. The list archive ends in May 1995. (ibid.)

The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool website has an online forum on Socially Responsible Investing (under Investors' Roundtable in Message Boards area).


Morningstar's online forum on socially responsible investment has only 4 messages posted since May 1997.

"If you have access to America Online, come join us and others in the "Socially Responsible Funds" topic in Morningstar's Forum. To get there, GO TO>Keyword=morningstar. Double click on Morningstar Forum. Click on Message Boards. Click on List Topics. If this is your first visit, double click on Socially Responsible Funds.

There is also a topic on "Socially Responsible Investing" in the Motley Fool's Forum. GO TO>Keyword=fool. Double click on Master Message Board. Double click on Investor's Roundtable. Scroll down to and double click on Socially Resp. Investing."

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