Speeches and presentations

The format of most conferences is centered around speeches and presentations. Keynote speeches are usually given by prominent people, and offer them an opportunity to give their insights into 'the big picture', i.e., how the field may be affected by evolving events. Often, as is the case with several SRI conferences, the proceedings are made available afterwards as a published document, helping to increase the knowledge base of the industry.

Tony Colman's address to the UKSIF AGM, and Frank Blighe's speech at a New York conference are examples of this type of communication venue.

UKSIF AGM 1997 Keynote Speech [no longer available on website]

"UKSIF AGM 1997 Keynote Speech - Tony Colman MP

Tony Colman is a newly elected Labour MP.

He spoke on the newly released government budget, pension review, sustainable international development and general social investment issues in the UK."

"International Social Investment - Past, present and future" [no longer available on website]

"International Social Investment - Past, present and future

By Frank Blighe, Stewardship Market Development Manager, Friends Provident

Presented at the conference "MAKING A PROFIT WHILE MAKING A DIFFERENCE", New York, 23rd July 1997."

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