Telephone Hotlines

Another useful electronic medium is the telephone, it being the tool of choice in the officeplace (outside of the computer). While most SRI organizations welcome callers - members, clients, or otherwise - they have not made extensive use of this technology for automatic distribution of information. In this regard, they are no different from most other businesses.

There do exist, though, some examples of efforts to provide information via the telephone, and also, in some cases, to establish a revenue stream from it. The SIO has a 1-900 information line, with a per-minute charge, Franklin Insight has a hotline, and the SIF has a faxback service.

The Social Investment Information Line

"Established November 1996, the social investment information line is an interactive phone and fax program that will allow callers to access all the necessary information required to make informed social investment decisions.

An interactive menu of information, the 1-900 information line provides information on the SIO, socially responsible mutual and labour sponsored funds, financial advisors, SRI and CSR special events and other social investment opportunities."
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Franklin Insight Inc.

Franklin Insight Inc.'s 'Professional Service' includes, among other things, "a telephone hotline providing weekly recorded updates on the financial markets and recommended companies."
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Social Investment Forum

The Social Investment Forum has a fax-back service for obtaining a SRI Mutual Fund Performance Chart.

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