Videos and Television

Visual media such as videos and television have not been a major factor in promoting SRI. Perhaps the subject material is a bit too dry for all but documentary-style news programs. There have been instances, however, where conferences have been videotaped and the tapes made available to SRI aficionados afterwards, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

And, in general, the social investment community has been too poor to spend what is needed to produce quality advertisements on TV.

The following are three instances where visual media have been used to communicate SRI ideas.

Socially Responsible Banking and Investing Forum

Videotaped events of the Students for Responsible Business, including that of Socially Responsible Banking and Investing Forum Georgetown University November, 1994, are available.

Citizens' Forum Series

Interested parties may purchase video editions of the Toronto and Vancouver sessions of the SIO's Spring 1997 Citizens' Forum Series.

NBC Nightly News

There seems to have been no television programs or lengthy documentaries strictly about social investment, but SRI has been the focus of several short news pieces.

"In early 1992, NBC Nightly News did a feature on socially responsible investing. They looked for someone who would appear on camera to criticize the practice but couldn't find anyone who would. Now, this does not mean that the field or the people in it are perfect. It means that social investing has arrived as a major factor in financial services."

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