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The use of the Internet is increasing throughout the world at an incredible rate. Home page and e-mail addresses are as likely to appear on business cards as fax numbers these days. This is due, in no small part, to the relative ease and inexpensive of setting up and maintaining websites. Most organizations have found it a very cost-effective way to disseminate information about themselves - electrons being much easier and faster to move than paper.

The social investment community has begun to make use of this new communications medium. Most of the main organizations have their own websites. Some of them have made the Web their primary means of conveying information to the outside world, and have developed quite extensive websites as a result. In some cases, it is their sole means, the organizations existing as online entities only.

Three good examples of SRI organizations that are pioneering fully developed websites include GreenMoney and Good Money in the US, and Ethical Business and Investing for Change in the UK.

GreenMoney On-Line Guide

"GreenMoney On-Line Guide Mission Statement

We promote the awareness of socially and environmentally responsible business, investing and consumer resources. Our goal is to educate and empower individuals and businesses to make informed financial decisions through aligning their corporate and financial principles.

GreenMoney Special Features

GreenMoney Gallery of Products & Services

Good Money, Inc.


Social, Ethical and Environmental Investments,

Responsible Consuming & Corporate Accountability

...Welcome to the web pages for all those who are interested in socially and environmentally responsible investing (SRI), consuming (SRC) and business practices (CSR). For the last several months, we have been averaging almost 7,000 visitors a week from all over the world.

These pages are designed for both novices and professionals. They provide information about how perfectly ordinary people can use the power of their money as investors, consumers and businesspeople to bring about the changes necessary to improve social and economic conditions throughout the world. Indeed, these pages are testimony to the fact that none of us can do well economically without also doing good socially."

Ethical Business [website no longer available]

"What is Ethical Business?

Ethical Business is an on-line resource for people interested in ethical and environmental business initiatives and the complex ethical and environmental issues that business faces. It was founded in March 1995 and has so far received over a quarter of a million hits.

The primary purpose of Ethical Business is provide a comprehensive, up to date directory of Ethical Business Websites on the Internet. While general search engines can be useful, they can take a along time to find what you are looking for. Our hope is that once you have found the Ethical Business site, you need look no further for resources in this area.

In addition it is hoped that as Ethical Business develops it will contain:

News about ethical business from around the world, including information about research, conferences, campaigns, new ventures and other news stories.

Archives of papers, books and articles on ethical business

Background information about of the various kinds of ethically motivated business, their history and the issues that confront them.

You might like to check out our sister site Investing for Change."

Investing for Change [website no longer available]

"Investing for Change is the Website for UK ethical and social investment. This is the pilot version of the site. Over the coming months it will developed into an extremely useful site.

As it expands it will include:

The Investing for Change idea has been developed jointly by the UK Social Investment Forum and Arq, an Internet publishing company specialising in ethical and environmental business."

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