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Boston College is one of the oldest Jesuit-founded universities in the United States, located just outside Boston. Its Sociology Department is quite progressive - in their own words, "the tilt of both faculty and graduate student interest stands at the intersection of social analysis and social change. The Carroll School of Management also has academics interested in corporate social performance. Three Boston College professors are especially good examples of SRI and CSR researchers.

"Ritchie Lowry, Professor

...Professor Lowry's past and continuing research and teaching interests include community power structures, war and the military, social problems and public policy, corporate social responsibility, and socially responsible consuming and investing. For many years, he has been concerned with the issues of increasing militarism, state power, and secret government. His approach to social problems emphasizes what is wrong with most traditional social science paradigms and attempts to develop new, more radical alternatives which can result in more democratic and just social policies. Professor Lowry's latest book was Good Money: A Guide to Profitable Social Investing in the '90s (l993). Professor Lowry is founder and president of Good Money, Inc., which publishes a newsletter and other materials for socially and environmentally concerned consumers, investors and business people. He is a moderator and participant in several forums on the Internet that deal with the same subjects, and he maintains a Home Page for socially concerned investors and consumers on the World Wide Web..."

Sandra Waddock, Moskowitz Prize-winning Co-author

Sandra Waddock is a professor of management at Boston College's Carroll School of Management where she teaches strategic management and social issues in management. She currently researches intersector collaboration and corporate social performance. She is also the author of Not by Schools Alone, a book on school reform in the United States.

Samuel Graves, Moskowitz Prize-winning Co-author

Samuel Graves is a professor at Boston College's Carroll School of Management where he teaches statistics, quantitative methods and total quality management. His research interests include corporate social performance and corporate decision models."

[The Moskowitz Prize for excellence in social investment research is awarded annually by the Social Investment Forum.]

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