Calvert Social Investment Fund

"Objective: Calvert Social Investment Fund (CSIF) seeks to provide growth of capital or current income through investments in companies that achieve excellence in both financial and social dimensions. Investments are selected on the basis of their ability to contribute to the dual objectives of the Fund. The companies in which we invest attain productivity, consumer acceptance, and profitability using innovative business approaches to the marketplace, the workplace, and the natural environment. We systematically avoid companies associated with unhealthy, destructive, and irresponsible acts of business behavior.

CSIF provides four investment alternatives:

Founded: 1982

Clients: Individuals, institutions

Net Assets: $916.3 million (6/96)

Minimum Deposit: $1,000

Social Criteria: Screens for environment, safe and useful products, safe and healthy workplaces, production of weapons and general corporate behavior and awareness of social concerns.

OtherSocial Dynamics: A small percentage of assets are invested in our Special Equities program to support the development of young, innovative companies

Up to 1% of assets are allocated for below-market rate investments (High Social Impact Investments) that make a targeted, direct difference in the lives of people and their communities

The Fund regularly engages management in dialogues regarding issues of social responsibility."

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