Citizens Bank of Canada

"The concept of Corporate Responsibility is the cornerstone of our operations. And as such, it affects and is reflected in everything we do. Every decision we make. Every action we take.

It is reflected in the banking products we develop, and how they can be used in positive ways. It involves the relationship we have with our employees and the kind of workplace and culture we are creating together. It defines the partnership we have with our members, and how we encourage members to have a voice in our operations and the direction we take - what issues we support, what actions we take to address them. It is seen in our commitment to encouraging responsible banking, and providing tools for members to meet their financial goals and manage their money wisely.

It relates to human values, social issues, the environment, creating communities that are economically and socially vibrant, and building a more sustainable society and economy. And it refers to how we use our resources as a bank to effect positive social change.

Our focus is on four 'affinity' areas that concern us and our members.

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