Corporate Governance

"The Corporate Governance site is designed to provide a springboard for explorations and discussions concerning the movement to enhance wealth by creating more democratic forms of corporate governance.

In the past, Americans have tried to balance the power of big business with regulation and monitoring by big government. Today, we recognize that government regulation is inefficient and often has unintended negative consequences. Given the power of corporate lobbyists, government control often equates to de facto corporate control anyway. See, for example, The American Corporation At the End of The Twentieth Century.

The keys to creating wealth and maintaining a free society primarily lie in the same direction. Both require that broad based systems of accountability be built into the governance structures of corporations themselves. By Ending the Wall Street Walk, and accepting the responsibilities that come with ownership, pension funds and other institutional investors have the potential to act as mediating structures between the individual and the dominant institutions of our time, the modern corporation. Ownership based governance is likely to reduce the corrupting influence of unaccountable power on government. At the same time, by transforming corporations into more democratic institutions, such funds will unleash the wealth-generating capacity of "human capital" which is based on the skills and knowledge of corporate employees and their ability to serve the needs of customers and clients."

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