Council of Institutional Investors

"The Council of Institutional Investors is an organization of large public, Taft-Hartley and corporate pension funds which seeks to address investment issues that affect the size or security of plan assets. Its objectives are to encourage member funds, as major shareholders, to take an active role in protecting plan assets and to help members increase return on their investments as part of their fiduciary obligations.

Founded in 1985 in response to controversial takeover activities that threatened the financial interests of pension fund beneficiaries, the group began with 20 member funds. Today the Council has almost 100 pension fund members whose assets exceed $900 billion and it is recognized as a significant voice for institutional shareholder interests.

General Membership--open to any employee benefit plan, any not-for-profit foundation and/or endowment, or any state or local agency that is officially charged with the investment of plan assets. General Members participate in all meetings and seminars sponsored by the Council and are the only voting members of the Council."

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