Ethical Consumer Research Association (ECRA)

"The ECRA maintains an extensive company database...

The Ethical Consumer Research Association has also launched a guide, The Ethical Consumer Guide to Everyday Shopping which ranks brands and stores according to their ethical and ecological practice

NGO researching and publishing on companies behind brand names, and promoting the ethical use of consumer power. Monitors company performance in relating to involvement with: oppressive regimes, trade union relations, wages, land rights, environment, irresponsible marketing, nuclear power, armaments, animal rights, political donations and boycott calls. Publishes journal "The Ethical Consumer" with reviews of products and producers. Maintains a database of information on companies, based on company's corporate responsibility records, ownership, abstracts of news appearing in radical and mainstream publications. Database can be searched online (annual subscription and per-minute charges) or via ECRA bureau service (searches by company)."

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